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Android phones and other android devices are manufactured with special features and can perform various functions. Android devices has experienced technological advances over the years. They are built with features such as large storage capacity, good resolution, better sound and more. The continual use of these devices to execute different tasks over time might reduce the performance of the Android's operating system.

Android's operating system should not be loaded with a lot of tasks nor slow in its operations for optimal use. Continual downloading and use of several apps from Google Play Store on an android operating system affects its effectiveness and speed. It is necessary to understand the capabilities and limitations of your android device to avoid overloading it with various apps. Don't overload your phone with enticing apps that would only diminish your device performance. Ensure you update your device operating system to improve its capabilities, increase its performance, speed, connectivity and other useful features that may be incorporated in it.

Every installed app occupies some storage space and automatically runs more background processes. Installing more apps implies that they occupying of more storage space and more background processes running in your device.  Every unused or unwanted app should be uninstalled to increase your device performance. You can also disable any unwanted app and re-enable them whenever the need arises. Ensure you update your apps when they are available on Google Play Store. All updated apps will function better, with improved speed and will not adversely affect your device. Storage capacity of android devices can be increased by adding a memory card.  Memory cards also improve the speed of your android device. Avoid too many widgets running on your device home screen, they are always active and might slow down your device performance.

Android Live wallpapers are beautiful but they can reduce your battery life when activated with other running apps and widgets. Your android device performance can also be enhanced by downloading some useful apps and phone softwares.

Are there any apps like popcorn time or showbox but for ios?

Im pretty sure there is but you'd probably need to jailbreak your iPhone. The best solution would be to either set up a stream from your pc (probably your not going to, but if you decide to there are some great tutorials online on how to setup showbox for iOS) or you could put a season on your phone and just watch it like that. Android Cleaner Apps

Continual use of your android device over long period of time makes your device disorderly and scrambled. This makes the storage space of your device become unorganized, muddled up, full of unwanted files, junks, folders, cache and unnecessary apps.

All these unnecessary disorganized deposits in storage space adversely affects your device speed and utilization. When this occurs, you can manually get rid of unwanted files and apps or you can optimally use some developed android cleaning apps. Examples of android cleaning applications include, Systweak Android Cleaner, CCleaner, App Cache Cleaner, DU Speed Booster and Cleaner, Clean Master etc. They help to save your device battery life, clean caches and improve your device operating speed.

Antivirus Apps

Keeping your device safe and free from malware should be your top priority. Installed antivirus apps serve as a dependable security for your device and a preventive measure to safeguard your device from malware that may reduce your device speed and performance. Antivirus apps protect your device from malware, adware, untrusted contents, spyware etc. It is important to protect your device from these malware because of their damaging effects. Examples of antivirus apps are AVG Antivirus, 360 Security, AndroHelm Mobile Security, Avira Antivirus, Avast Mobile Security and so on.

Duplicate File Remover App

Some files and folders get duplicated as a result of transferring files, installation of apps and back up services. Files such as mp3 audio, video, .jpg picture and documents can be duplicated. You can delete them manually or install a duplicate file remover app. Duplicate file remover app allows you to search for replicated files on your device and may erase them in order to give your device and memory card speed and more storage space. Examples of duplicate file remover apps include, Duplicate File Finder-Remover, Duplicate Files Fixer etc.

Battery Saver Apps

Maintaining a long lasting battery life has always been a challenge for all android devices. This is as a result of a lot of other activities performed on the device besides receiving and making phone calls. You can combat this by changing your manual settings or installing a battery saver app to increase the battery life. Examples of battery saver apps are; Greenify, Battery Saver 2016, GSam Battery Monitor, Amplify etc. These apps have the capability to monitor, control apps and other features on your device that may be reducing your battery life.

Launcher Apps

One unique feature of android devices is that you can customize your device home screen with little effort. This app allows you to design your home screen layout, develop easy or advanced designs of any sort or use combination of pictures. You can replace your home screen with a whole new design and also add some customized gestures to opening an app, widget, themes and animations.

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Examples of Android launcher apps include, Android Launcher3, ADW Launcher 2, Apex Launcher, Arrow Launcher, Atom Launcher etc.

They help to boost your android device speed, improve its storage capabilities, increase its battery life and also allows you to customize your device with any suitable design. These apps will maximize your mobile device performance.

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