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Top 6 Best Root Apps 2018 For Android Smartphones & Tablets

In the olden days whenever we purchased an Android Smartphone, we find that the Smartphone was unrooted. The fact is that in the unrooted android device you cannot fully customize your Apps. So therefore nowadays people are looking for the rooted Android device. If your device is rooted then, you will be able to access your Apps to the next level by customizing it using some exact Apps. So in today’s article, I am going to share some of the Top Root Apps which can be run only on your rooted Android device only. If you purchase an unrooted Android Smartphone, then you will be able to root your android phone without using the computer also. You can check out how to convert your unrooted Android phone into the rooted Android device on the internet.

Top Best Root Apps for Android Smartphones:

Now I am going to list out some useful and specific Apps which can be used best rooted apps for Android device. So here are the top listed rooted Apps for your Android device.

1. Lucky Patcher:
This Lucky Patcher App is one of the most popular Apps for the rooted android device. Through this Lucky Patcher App, you will be able to squeeze or customize your devices such as remove ads, Remove license, verifications and much more. Not only this, but this App also provides you to create modify Apk files, and it also helps to remove the system Apps from your Android Smartphone.

2. Viper 4 Android:
This Viper 4 Android is also an important App for the rooted android device. This App lets you control different audio device by connecting with your rooted Android phone. These features are not available in normal unrooted Smartphone. This viper4android App lets you control the playback through the headset, phone speakers, Bluetooth device or any other type of audio devices by connecting with your Android phone.

3. Greenify:
Greenify App is also one of the most useful App for rooted Android devices. If you are having any problem with your battery backup on your Android phone, then you must download this App as this App will provide you a better battery backup for your Android Smartphone. Greenify App also notifies you all the Apps that is running on your phone and this App will show you an option to stop the background running Apps which is not necessary in order to save your battery life. Not only this, but this App also lets you keep your RAM free and increase the performance and boost up your android Smartphone.

4. Titanium Backup:
For all the Smartphone users it is very common that people keep all their important files, contacts, photos and much more. Sometimes you might face this type of problem that your data files may get lost due to certain reasons.

In that case, Titanium Backup is the best App which can backup all your important files and data within a minute on your android phone. You can backup your files without using this App also by going to settings followed by backup and restore and then click on backup. But this is a very long process whereas this Titanium Backup App is much better and faster.

5. Nandroid Manager:
This Nandroid manager is almost similar to the Titanium Backup App. This App also lets you recover your important data and files by using Nandroid backups. This App is also very fast which will help you to backup and restore Apps very easily within a minute. This App also lets you extract files from the Nandroid backups. You can get this App for free and as well as for paid version. In the paid version you will get some more exciting features.

6. Quick Boot:
In a normal Android Smartphone, usually, the power menu includes only the power off option, Flight mode option, and Reboot option. But by using this Quick Boot App, you will be able to upgrade to a new level by bringing a new option in a power menu which includes Reboot to Recovery option and Reboot to bootloader option too.

In this very article, I have mentioned the top most rated rooted Android Apps which will help you to access your Apps entirely in your rooted Android Smartphone. I have tried all these Apps, and according to me, these rooted Apps are really amazing. I hope you will also try all these Best Root Apps and enjoy your Smartphone. Thank you for reading this article.

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